A Little Something About Us

Our mission is to make frozen treats with creative and original flavors that you can feel great about eating.

The Beginnings

Jamaica lacked a gourmet popsicle company that uses local fresh seasonal organic fruits and vegetables to make delicious frozen treats.  As a single mother with a career in education as a travelling officer, observation was my strongest trait.  Within the institutions I visited my observation of children indulging in sugary drinks and treats, while our countryside was loaded with fruit trees and vegetables many times going to waste.   While, the products that target children were mostly packed with sugar or of no nutritional value.  I was resolved to bringing a better product to the market not just for my child but for everyone to enjoy.

I became more encouraged to produce a healthier product when my research led me to discover; these figures released by non-government organizations and the ministry of health in Jamaica (2012), showed that 20% of children aged 3 to 4 years old are obese, over 10000 Jamaican children under age 15 are suffering from diabetes, and over 220000 or 13.6% of the population between 15-74 years old are currently living with the disease.  With much enthusiasm, we researched and developed a product aimed at both creating healthy options and saving the fruits from wastage, while providing employment for many Jamaicans.

What’s Happening Nowdays

Today we have seen our research and dreams produce the products that change the way we look at snacks and frozen treats. We are offering our energy smart carts for franchise and for events across the island to create employment. We have increased the employment of farmers in order to supply the demand for our wonderful gourmet treats. We cater weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and special business events. You think of it and we can cater it. We have also done charity events.

Why We are

Located in Central Manchester, LiqyLiqy is a must stop for a wonderful frozen, savory healthy treat. LiqyLiqy fruit bars are the perfect treat on a hot day and a perfect snack for the parent who wants a healthy treat for their children. With unique flavors like mango, passion fruit, star fruit, carrot and jackfruit are distinctive frozen treats. Our ingredients are fresh and locally grown whenever possible.

We strive to be different not just in the impact we have on our economy by supporting our local farmers and selling and producing our products in a way that minimizes our carbon footprint, but also we strive to provide a means of employment to single moms and students who wish to pursue their dreams and support their families. So, our commitment is not only to giving parents a healthy alternative to sweet snacks but to also provide another source of income for many families.

Future Plans

We are striving to have boutique shops selling our products and growing to become recognized as the number one gourmet manufacturer of frozen treats in Jamaica, the Caribbean and to launch in North America.


The Bottom Line

We strive to hold a significant production power in the area of health treats and impact the way parents view their children’s health.  We aim to reduce unemployment among single mothers which in turn will increase the number of students who make it into college and return to society to create more employment.  We will become the cycle that ends a cycle.

Meet the Team

Sasah Palmer,


Being an Early Childhood Education Officer entails travelling to many schools. After seeing the unhealthy drinks and snacks the children were consuming and the bounty of fruits and vegetables that our country is blessed with that often goes to waste. I thought about using them to create a product that was healthy, fun and attractive.  Sasha is a philanthropist and a strong believer in empowering women to become independent.

Mangu Carnegie,

Human Resource
With a passion for people and their well-being, Mangu followed her destiny to become Human resource professional. She also has broad experience in hospitality and management and is highly people oriented. She has strong eyes for detail and a passion for excellence.

Dale Brown,

CFO and Administrator
Dale has been a strong supporter of the founder’s vision and the business from its inception. He has garnered over 20 years of experience in the fields of business, finance, business planning and development, and paralegal studies.  He is endowed with excellent technical and analytical skills, an excellent communicator, organizer, manager, and team player, coupled with a passion to assist others.  These qualities and more make Dale a valuable member of the team.


Graphic / Web Design
KMT STUDIO INC joins LiqyLiqy as the marketing and design wing. KMT STUDIO INC bring With them over 15 Years of industry experiences in Motion Graphics, Print Design, Brand Identity. and Online Marketing.