Cart Rentals

Serving Jamaicans with Gourmet Frozen Treats 24/7

Cart and products

  • Our 50 fleet frozen carts can serve events of all sizes, offering customers frozen treats anywhere and anytime without electricity.
  • Treats remain frozen for 6-12 hours depending on how long the cart lids remain open.
  • Our colorful carts can hold a varying number of treats. This depends on the event and the quantity of products ordered.

 Order & Delivery

  • When you purchase the minimum required frozen treats, we will waive the cart rental fee.
  • We deliver all frozen dessert orders to your event in carts.
  • Please note that delivery charges are calculated from our warehouse in Mandeville.

 Cart Rentals & Operations

  • Interested in renting our carts on a daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal basis; please contact us.
  • Many clients put their own logos, signs or wraps on our carts. We encourage you to promote your brand and events.
  • Operation of the cart is very easy and we will provide you with explanation before hand. Please remember to “RING THE BELLS” and open the umbrella.

 Delivery Process

  • We offer you the convenience and flexibility of getting your dessert order when you need it.
  • Carts are delivered to your event a few hours before your start time, and we pick the carts up at the end of your event.
  • The carts keep our treats at serving temperature and maintain its quality.

 Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • If it rains can I cancel? – To cancel your order we need 48 hours notice
  • Can we book another date if we cancel our order within the required time? – Yes
  • What if it starts to rain during our event? – Our carts all fit inside buildings
  • Is there a minimum dessert order amount required for delivery and use of the cart? –
  • Yes, contact us to discuss the minimum purchase amount before delivery charges and all applicable taxes and fees.
  • Can we rent the dessert cart by itself? –  Yes, there will be applicable rental and delivery charges and taxes.
  • Can we buy desserts only? – Yes, wholesale accounts have a minimum delivered amount.
  • Can we buy less than the minimum amount if we pick up the order? – Yes, a pick-up time will be arranged.
  • Are there product substitutions? – Yes, if produce ordered is not available, we will substitute an item of equal or lesser value.
  • What are the delivery charges? –  This varies depending on the distance from our office in Mandeville. There’s a minimum delivery charge.
  • What are the terms of payment? – All orders are C.O.D. (Cash On Delivery).If we did not answer your question here, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Tools Of The Trade


• Always use a minimum ratio of one sheet of TECHNI-ICE per 8 quarts of Ice cream cart,capacity, (i.e. a 54-quart cooler needs a minimum of 7 sheets). Remember, TECHNI-ICE is lighter and takes up much less room than ice.
• The more mass of TECHNI-ICE the better and the longer it lasts. TECHNI-ICE takes up very little room and will give outstanding performance if these ratios are followed.
• Place at least a few sheets of TECHNI-ICE on the top of your frozen products,as cold falls.
• The colder the frozen products and drinks are when they are put into your ice cream cart, the longer TECHNI-ICE will keep them that way.
• If you are going away for an extended period, turn your freezer to maximum freeze (approximately 1 degrees Farenheit) for 3 or 4 days before departing. Unlike ice, TECHNI-ICE is an industrial refrigerant and will maintain temperatures beyond -13 degrees Farenheit. The lower the temperature TECHNI-ICE is frozen at, the longer it stays frozen.
• Storage: When not using your TECHNI-ICE it can be stored in an open-ended plastic bag (not sealed) in the cupboard or freezer. TECHNI-ICE sheets are virtually maintenance free, but can be left in water for a few hours every six months or so to maintain maximum hydration.


Dry Ice is particularly useful for freezing, and keeping things frozen because of its very cold temperature: -109.3°F or -78.5°C. Dry Ice is widely used because it is simple to freeze and easy to handle using insulated gloves. Dry Ice changes directly from a solid to a gas -sublimation- in normal atmospheric conditions without going through a wet liquid stage. Therefore it gets the name “dry ice.”

As a general rule, Dry Ice will sublimate at a rate of five to ten pounds every 24 hours in a typical ice chest. This sublimation continues from the time of purchase; therefore, pick up Dry Ice as close to the time needed as possible. Bring an ice chest or some other insulated container to hold the Dry Ice and slow the sublimation rate. Dry Ice sublimates faster than regular ice melts but will extend the life of regular ice.

It is best not to store Dry Ice in your freezer because your freezer’s thermostat will shut off the freezer due to the extreme cold of the Dry Ice! Of course if the freezer is broken, Dry Ice will save all your frozen goods.


Our carts are properly designed and constructed with the best materials,they are properly insulated with 2″ foam to prevent the occurrence of melting for whatever products that are placed inside of them,these carts are tightly sealed.

They have two openings,an easy access service Lid and a bigger loading Cover,which is used for loading products into the carts.There is an adjustable handle for use depending on the height of the person pushing the cart,or for comfort.

The carts are design with 2 bicycle wheels at the back and 2 castors at the front.These carts have an umbrella which serves as a way to prevent the sun’s direct and constant penetration on the carts and to facilitate shade for its operators.

The Graphic Design is next to none,very bold and eye catching,looking at it make your mouth water as it create this realistic image of the products that are being stored inside.Last but not least there are either a horn or a bell,please don’t forget to Honk or Ring.


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