In the press

Our mission is to make frozen treats with creative and original flavors that you can feel great about eating.

Liq Fruit Bars (Liqy Liqy), which got the nod at the recently concluded Jamaica Observer Table Talk Food Awards, will soon be in a supermarket near you.

If you are going to eat snacks, you should have healthy and nutritious snacks, especially from Jamaica. LIQ products are made from fresh, natural, and delicious ingredients by Jamaica’s first natural gourmet ice pop company.

PICTURE THE nation’s children hyped on snacks that were actually healthy for them, and then imagine a factory of hundreds of empowered women helping to make these nutritious snacks. Push your imaginative abilities even farther and picture this product boosting the economy significantly and becoming a global name.

There is an amazingly delicious explosion of local gourmet food products being created and introduced into the Jamaican marketplace. Products bursting with exciting flavours guaranteed to please even the most discerning of palates! More importantly, these products are made with local ingredients and are of a standard that  can go toe to toe  and head to head with anything being offered in the international marketplace. Below are just a few of the newest ones we have come across recently!